Life Lessons from My “Papa”: A Daughter’s Journey Caring for Her Elderly Father

On March 1, 2010, Elizabeth Hugo’s life changed dramatically when her 92 year old father, Victor Mazzullo, moved into her home. Blind, diabetic and suffering from dementia, her papa required total care for his every need. As her daily life drastically transformed, Elizabeth soon realized she would have to rely not only on herself, but also on her faith as she learned to listen for God’s guidance.

In her inspirational memoir, Elizabeth shares poignant anecdotes and applicable Scriptures that provide insight into the challenges, joys and frustrations that accompanied her spiritual journey caring for her father in his final years. As her role shifted from daughter to primary caregiver, Elizabeth recalls how she dealt with the subsequent emotional impact, realized her limitations, accepted help from others and relied on prayer for strength. Buoyed through her struggles by her faith, Elizabeth learned how to walk through each day knowing she was just as needy and dependent on her “Papa” God for His love as her father was on her for his care.

Written in devotional form, Life Lessons from My “Papa” shares practical tips, seasoned advice and compassionate wisdom for any caregiver desiring inspiration.